Setlist: 11/5/14, 10 High, Atlanta GA

11/5/14 10 High, Atlanta GA

1: Revolutionary Ink, Screaming Inside, Sunshine, Leaving For Anywhere > Phoenix > On The Hillside > Hold > Dichotomy > Astronaut, Rising Sun

(The Lost Boys and Elder Sun opened)

Setlist: 8/26 at The Masquerade

8/26/14 The Masquerade
1: Dichotomy, Screaming Inside > Comfort and Lies, Astronaut, Rising Sun, Phoenix > Purple, Sunshine

[opened for Saint Ridley, Bridge To Grace and Smile Empty Soul]

We had a great time! Thanks to everyone that came out, all the cool people we met, our friends at The Masquerade, and to Smile Empty Soul, Bridge To Grace and Saint Ridley for letting us rock with them!

photo by @meyliz on Instagram

photo by @meyliz on Instagram

photo by @meyliz on Instagram

photo by @meyliz on Instagram

Melissa's Merch Table

Melissa’s Merch Table

Show Announcement! 8/26 at The Masquerade – opening for Smile Empty Soul

On Tuesday August 26th we will be returning to The Masquerade and will be opening for LA’s Smile Empty Soul! This is a BIG DEAL. If we have a good turn out that night, we will get booked for more and more shows. SO WE NEED YOU! Starting next week you can buy a ticket from a band member for $10. No fees, no taxes, just a Hamilton. If you buy them through Ticketmaster, not only will tickets cost you nearly $14 each, but we will not get credit for the attendance. SO PLEASE – buy a ticket and come out Tuesday August 26!



Setlist: 7/9/14 Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta GA

7/9/14 Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA

1: Dichotomy > Hold, Little John, Rising Sun, Screaming Inside, Phoenix, Astronaut > Sunshine, Cherub Rock

[The Roadhawk and Role Of The Observer opened]

Last night was awesome, thanks to all who came out! We had a last minute change of the opener, BIG thanks to The Roadhawk for getting things started. ROTO killed it last night!

Check out our facebook page for a few pics from last night, and in a few days we will have some other pics back from a photographer.

Until next time!

Upcoming shows and a flood of music coming soon

Come out Wednesday, July 9th to Smith’s Olde Bar! Role Of The Observer and Laughlin will also be there, and we’re closing out the night. Doors are at 7, show starts at 8 and entry is $5.

Over The Effect - Smiths-Flyer-070914

We only have a few shows this summer as we are preparing to go into the studio soon with Andy Reilly of Muse Productions to record a full length highly polished studio release. We’re very excited to be working with Andy, he’s a very experienced and accomplished engineer and producer that has worked with many bands over time. Check out his credits here. The plan is to release the album around late October or early November. It’ll be available on iTunes, Spotify, etc etc, as well as sent out to publications for review and radio stations all over the country and internet radio stations all over the world.

Also big thanks to Knox at Radio 105.7 for playing our song “Screaming Inside” on his Locals Only show. You can catch it Sunday nights at 8pm. If you’re not in Atlanta you can tune in via iHeartRadio.

But before the album, we plan to release a mix of acoustic versions of songs (and maybe a new tune or two!) that won’t be on the full length and some cover songs that we’ve been playing live. Take a listen to a preview clip of our version of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” below:

Also on July 26th we will be playing the Alzheimer’s Music Festival at 120 Music Hall in Marietta GA again. This is an excellent cause, and if you can’t attend, please consider donating to the cause. The money goes to directly to help families and their caregivers that are in need.

Setlist and Photos: 6/27/14, Sweetwater Brewery, Atlanta GA

Thanks to the awesome people at Sweetwater Brewery for having us again for the second time this summer!

1: Little John, Jane Says, Screaming Inside > Yellow Umbrella, Dichotomy > Black > Astronaut, Comfort and Lies, Leaving For Anywhere > War Pigs*

2: Chromatic > Scars From A Ghost, Wish You Were Here, Hold, Reflection > Rising Sun, Cherub Rock, Phoenix > Release, Sunshine

[*first time played, “The Nurse Who Loved Me” jam during sound check, “Rosetta Stoned” tease before “Comfort and Lies”, “Happy Birthday” teases before “Phoenix” and “Release”]

Aaron Ashley Nick Rob

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here



Aaron & Rob

Aaron & Rob





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Tracy Perry’s Expansion Of Presence 29/03/2014

Over The Effect:

Thanks for playing our song “Chromatic!”

Originally posted on RadioAktiv:

Playlist #9

1. Finish What You Started by The August
2. Flight Delayed by 3dtorus
3. Superspectral by The Tao of Groove
4. Others (Feat. Susana C. Marquez) by Another Destiny Project
5. Underwater by Delerium
6. Face The Day by redlightmusic
7. Stay by Hilliat Fields
8. You Do You by Sweetwater and the Satisfaction
9. Hypnotized by Flagship Romance
10. Fine Saturday by Cosmic Alley
11. Generator ^ First Floor (Freelance Whales) cover by Stargroves
12. Strings and Attractors (We Have A Ghost remix) by We Have A Ghost
13. Others – Spanish Version (Feat. Susana C. Marquez) by Another Destiny Project
14. Look.See.Don’t.Trip by Kismet Ryding
15. End of Me by Singular Effect
16. The Hoax by Rm. 101
17. Transistors by Blonder
18. SW//AY (Redux) by Vermillion Mars
19. If You’ve Got Time by Marie Avery
20. By Satellite by Soma
21. Save You by Like…

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